Our company has established in 2010 within 50.000 m2 land with 1200 cow capacity. The land has expanded to 100.000 m2 for the possibility of future investments and increasing the production capacity. The brief information on the production facility is the following ;

2 each 2430 m2 milker shelter, 1100 m2 delivery room , 715 m2 calf shelter, 3000 m2 with 200 heifer capacity barn, 3000 m2 with 200 male cow capacity barn
1680 m2 feedstuff warehouse, 4 each 5000 m2 concrete silage pit, 10000 m3 capacity concrete open top fertilizer pit, 1440 m3 capacity closed top feedstuff plant, 32 milking units controlled with herd management program named AFIFARM and integrated with centralized ERP system. The pedometer integrated with Afifarm and used for managing and tracing the herd. The origin of software is Israel and it transfers the datas through an antenna system. 15 tones capacity milk cooling tank, 2 tractors, 1 each caterpillar and other equipment variety